Monday, June 23, 2008

We are 1 year old!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

It happened...we turned 1 year old today!!! We had a great day...starting at the Doctors office. Presley hasn't been feeling well all weekend, so mom and grandma and I took her into see the Dr who said that she had a severe double ear infection and a rash from her fever. She looked like she had the chicken pox. The Dr gave her some medicine, and we hope that she starts to feel better soon!

We got to eat our birthday cake today and ohhh boy was that fun!!! I didn't waste anytime digging into my cake (which grandma made for us in the shape of a huge cupcake...thanks grandma!) Presley tried to eat her candle first. We both got very messy. My mom and grandma and grandpa were laughing really hard at us.

Our birthday party was sooo much fun! We had such a great time, and so many people came to wish us a happy birthday. Thank you all for coming! We appreciate everyone who took the time to come and celebrate with us!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Almost 1 year old !!!!!!

Hello Everyone!

We are almost 1! I am crawling all over the place and getting into a LOT of trouble :) I keep my mom on her toes all the time. Parker is rolling over like a maniac, and talking non stop. We are excited to turn 1 and eat our cakes that grandma is making us! Hope to see all of you at our birthday party!!!

Presley and Parker

Monday, June 9, 2008

Presley is crawling!!!!

Hello Everyone,

It finally happened! After weeks of being up on all fours Presley started crawling. Now NOTHING is safe in the house! She took one step forward and hasnt stopped since. She is pulling herself up on everything she can find; the couch, a chair, the dogs, anything is fair game to her. She is babbling all day. She says "Mama" very clearly now. We are trying to get "Dada" and "Nana" but she wants nothing to do with it!

Parker is doing great too. He is rolling over like a champ. Parker isn't as ambitious as his sister. He loves to sit and watch her go everywhere. He is eating much better now and is sitting up great. Therapy has done wonders for him.

We are getting excited for the big 1 year birthday! Its right around the corner!

Much Love,

Presley and Parker