Monday, April 13, 2009

We LOVE the Easter Bunny!!!!

We had a great Easter!!! Grandma Mary gave us some cool toys---including a bubble wand that we are going to try out later today :) and some really cool sticky puppies to hang on the windows!

We also got some really cool gifts from G and G Majkrzak...all kind of new Elmo soap for the bathtub and treats!!

We got to have an Easter egg hunt after our naps....there was one m&m in each egg, so we would shake them until someone opened up the egg for us and gave us the chocolate! Taylor and I got a LOT of eggs and Parker and papa got quite a few too! It was a lot of fun! We cant wait for Easter again next year!!!

Presley & Parker :)

Maddie turns 2!

We got to go to our cousin Maddie's birthday party on Saturday. It was a lot of fun! We got to eat green cake and Presley thought she should help Maddie open every present....(sorry about that Maddie :)

We will turn 2 in June, and we cant wait to have a party!!!

Happy Birthday Maddie!!!

Presley & Parker